Peyton Manning uses MAT

*Peyton Manning is currently the quarterback for the NFL’s Denver Broncos, and he is widely considered one of the greatest NFL quarterbacks to ever play the game.

He currently holds numerous NFL passing records and just recently, at the tender age of 38, he broke the NFL records for most touchdown passes and most passing yards in a single season.

Just two years ago though, few people thought Peyton would ever play again because of a very serious injury to his neck. Because of this injury, Peyton underwent 4 neck surgeries and a lengthy rehab process, which got him functional but not nearly able to play at his former caliber.

He had to miss an entire season while trying to rehab from this injury, and his team, the Indianapolis Colts, had such little confidence that he’d be able to play well again that they released him after almost 15 years having him as their quarterback.

At the time, Peyton was flying Greg Roskopf, the developer of MAT, out to Indianapolis each week to work with him and he was making slow and steady improvements. After he was released from the Colts, Peyton signed with the Denver Broncos to get full access to Roskopf, who has worked for the team for the past 15 years. John Elway, the now hall of fame former Broncos quarterback and current General Manager, believed so highly in Roskopf and what he does that he agreed to sign Peyton to a 2 year $58 million dollar contract.

Elway had his own incredible recovery from a knee injury using Roskopf, so he knew the power of MAT to help get Peyton back to his old self again.


You can read about Peyton’s use of MAT in thisSports Illustrated article from November of 2012.


Now you may not be a pro football player, and are far from it. But here’s why this is important –

1. As a pro athlete, you have literally millions of dollars riding on the fact that your body is going to be in good enough shape to play your absolute best every single week. You are going employ the best things that money can buy to keep you at that level.

2. As a pro athlete, you subject your body to stress and trauma that “normal people” will never ever have to encounter. You need to employ the best possible things to your body to make it as resilient and invincible as possible to keep these traumas from injuring you and thereby thwarting your career.

3. As a pro athlete, you have a short shelf life. After about age 30, most pro athletes start to lose thier effectiveness, so anything and everything they can do to keep themselves playing longer and recovering faster from injuries is exactly what they want and need.

Do you want to perform at your absolute best in sports, exercise or just in life each and every week?
Do you want to make your body more resilient to stress and trauma so you can prevent injuries to your body?

Do you want to stay active as long as possible by recovering quickly from injuries and setbacks?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, than consider doing what the pros do by including MAT in your recovery plan and to keep you performing at a high level day in and day out.

*Thank you to Chris Vercelli, MATcms, RTS, CPT for his written publication
Improve Muscles, Improve Life

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